ISA Envisioned a

society of hope, inclusion and social justice

About US

Inclusive Society Agency (ISA) is a Refugee-led and volunteer-based national Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in South Sudan, registered and incorporated by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission under the South Sudan NGO ACT 2016, with registration number # 5239.

ISA envisioned a society of hope, inclusion and social justice, where women, children, Persons with Disabilities and Older Persons live with dignity and confidence.

We work to Save lives, Protect and Promote dignity and social justice for the underprivileged populations

South Sudan displacement
South Sudan women and children

What We Do

Thematic Area 1.

— Protection, Gender and Inclusion

 In line with our vision; Protection, Gender and Inclusion is central in our programming. We know that to save lives, overcome poverty and social injustice, every person at-risk or those requiring protection needs to be assisted, universal human rights need to be upheld, unequal power relations within society needs to be addressed, and women and youths needs to be empowered.

Thematic Area 2.

— Education and Peacebuilding

 We recognize the role of Education in the peace building process and allocate significant effort to promote rural education. We work together with the Government, Education Partners and other stakeholders to address the factors preventing access to quality education in rural areas in South Sudan.

Thematic Area 3.

— Primary Health Care

We work to increase equitable access to community health services, and the participation of communities in promoting ownership and sustainability of the health services. We focus on integrated basic package of promotional, preventive, and selected curative health services

Thematic Area 4.

— Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

 We work with communities, private sector, WASH partners and Government to improve water quality, encourage the safe disposal of excrement, and promote the adoption of improved hygiene practices. ISA believes access to safe water and adequate sanitation is a basic human right and an essential first step to protect human health.

Thematic Area 5.

— Food Security and Environmental Governance

 ISA works to strengthen Agriculture, foster Food and Nutrition security, promoting blue economy, improve environmental governance, facilitate the adoption of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies and promote of sustainable natural resource management.

South Sudan vulnerable women

Research and Development

We promote evidence-based decisions in humanitarian, recovery and development context by supporting the efforts of existing humanitarian actors and research institutions through facilitating the generation of timely and primary information products on needs, program performance and impacts of other humanitarian interventions. We have in-house expertise in humanitarian research with principle focus on Baseline Assessments, Multi-sectorial Needs Assessment, Endline Surveys, Gender Gap Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment of projects, and Conflict Sensitivity Analysis.